Content Marketing: What distinguishes good content?

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June 18, 2020

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Content marketing should offer balanced and attractive content for customers, a mix as videos, images, email marketing is a good choice. In this article you will learn why content marketing makes sense, what good content looks like and what makes a balanced content mix.

As romantic as it may seem, sitting in the attic like a digital poet and writing blog articles: Content marketing is much more than just writing content that an interested reader might find by chance. Even if you specialize in industry-specific tips for tax consultants, you have to offer more than dry factual information. The content mix is crucial to make good content even better! So in this episode of our series on content marketing, we will look at what content and formats you can creatively use to make your content strategy successful in the long term! 

Why you use content marketing for your visibility

Marketing must happen where the potential customers are. To put it bluntly, there is simply no point in putting up an advertising poster for your new chocolate ice cream in the desert, no matter how delicious it may be. Your target group will not see it. Online, on the other hand, most customers today make purchasing decisions before you even make an appearance for a company. Attracting attention with helpful content is therefore the best way to reach customers and increase sales in the long term. However, good content not only has the advantage of offering customers real added value, it also automatically strengthens customer loyalty! 
Classic online advertising is increasingly falling victim to adblockers. Even if users do not have an adblocker installed on their device, they are now automatically and unconsciously hiding banner ads. Helpful contents on the other hand are not blocked! Instead, users breathe a sigh of relief because they have found the solution to a problem - the potential customer does not associate content marketing with annoying advertising, but with positive experiences  
Content marketing is a sustainable way to build your own expert status and inspire confidence in your target group. If you are perceived as an expert in your industry, the visitors of your website will turn into paying customers. So always create content with the intention that the user will feel better after they have found your content! 
Creating good content has its price, no question. But in the long run it is much cheaper and more effective than paid advertising. Because content marketing aims at organic traffic. Your visitors come because you have something very special to offer, not because your advertising banner is everywhere! 


The content mix for your target group 

You yourself know your target group best. So use the content formats that your customers prefer to consume! Create a balanced content mix of videos, podcasts, email marketing, social media marketing and blog articles to offer helpful content where your desired customers are. Make sure you rely on unique content! Not only search engines reject copied content. Users also want fresh and personal content  

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