Content marketing and added value: When is my content worth more?

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June 29, 2020

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Anyone who is even marginally involved in marketing knows that good content must offer added value to be successful. But what exactly is this legendary added value? At what point is one content "worth more" than the other? The answer lies - as so often in marketing - with your customers. Only if your content satisfies the needs of your customers will your customers also perceive the content as valuable and helpful.

Why is added value the basis of successful content marketing?

A quick look on the Internet is hardly possible without being confronted with advertising. As a logical consequence, we have all learned to simply overlook content that seems irrelevant to us. So, in order to stand out from all the other information, you must ask yourself: Why should the customer choose my content of all things? What can I offer to be perceived as particularly helpful, interesting or entertaining?
The answers to these questions lie in the needs of your customers. The user is looking for a new smartphone? You have one! The only problem is: Smartphones sell many providers! So why should the customer come to you of all people? Provide information that other providers do not have!

Storytelling: Creating added value with personality and creativity

In contrast to online retail, stationary retail has one huge advantage: personal customer contact! This lack of human proximity balances good content marketing with personality and storytelling. Make yourself visible as a company with a unique personality! If you run an online shop for spices, shoot videos with a funny cooking show! If you have an online pet shop, tell how you got your puppy leashed! From whom will customers then order their new dog leash?

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