Employee Advocacy

Your employees as your brand ambassadors

Employee Advocacy- another way to build your personal brand on the Internet

The authenticity and credibility of your employees significantly strengthens your brand presence. Employee advocacy is an effective way to build a personal brand online. Authentic employee testimonials are perceived by customers and potential customers as trustworthy recommendations, which strengthens trust in your brand. Positive feedback from employees increases brand visibility, trust and credibility in the digital world.

What are the benefits of using Employee Advocacy?

  • ·   Voluntariness: Employees participate on their own initiative.

    ·  Authenticity: The contributions are personal and genuine.

    ·  Diversity: Different employees contribute different perspectives.
    ·  Greater reach: Employees increase the visibility of the company.

    ·  Credibility: Personal recommendations are convincing.

    ·  Talent acquisition: Potential employees see a positive corporate image. 

    ·  Employee loyalty: Employees feel more connected to the company.

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