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October 01, 2020

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Simply poking around in the fog is not very helpful when creating content. Fortunately, there are numerous tools that make success predictable and measurable. Tools help with keyword research, make snippets look good and much more.

Many of these practical programs not only make work easier, they also increase traffic and are often available in a free version. It is therefore worthwhile for website operators to get acquainted with them for a short period of time and to benefit from the little helpers in the long run  

Homemade tools: Help for webmasters from Google

Google itself provides website operators with some free and effective tools. The Google Search Console is always the first port of call for clever webmasters. Here you can quickly see which keywords attract the most visitors, which backlinks point to your own domain and what the conversion rate looks like. The PageSpeed Insights provide information on how to reduce loading times and Google Analytics provides information on how visitors to a website behave. Numerous statistics on visitor behaviour and the performance of a website help to improve the ranking in a targeted manner. However, Google Analytics must be used in a legally compliant manner, as it is a tracking tool  

SEO tools for high-quality optimized texts

Many website operators work with the content management system WordPress because of the numerous possibilities. The most successful plugin for WordPress is Yoast SEO. This plugin offers many features to optimize texts for search engines. The easy editing of title tag and meta-description saves time and optimizes the display in the search result pages, texts can be optimized for keywords directly during their creation. Yoast is like an attentive assistant who has an eye on all details. Another helpful tool for text creation is Searchmetrics. This tool not only makes keyword suggestions, it also analyses details such as sentence structure and length and checks texts for readability  

Keyword research tools

No SEO strategy can do without extensive keyword research. Of course Google offers the Keyword-Planner of GoogleAds, but there are many more tools with different functions. In Google Trends, for example, the temporal development of individual keywords can be observed. For which keywords are the search volumes currently increasing, which search terms are currently becoming uninteresting for users again?  
A real highlight is Mangools Keyword Finder. This tool is specialized to find and fill niches. The Keyword Finder finds longtail keywords that are subject to little competition, making it easier to achieve an optimal ranking in a niche. The tool Keywordtool.io is a master in generating hundreds of related keywords and synonyms for each search term and thus supports the creation of holistic contents. 


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