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Communication within a company is a decisive factor for the success and satisfaction of employees. But how can effective, transparent and interactive communication be ensured, especially in times of working from home, mobile working and decentralized teams? The answer is: with a social intranet.

In contrast to the classic top-down intranet, a social intranet promotes the exchange and networking of employees through active bidirectional communication, which also strengthens commitment and collaboration. However, the introduction requires careful planning as well as the appropriate software and change communication. 

We are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your digital transformation to ensure the acceptance and use of the social intranet.




Why your company should rely on a social intranet platform

A social intranet is an internal company platform that enables employees to exchange information, collaborate and network. In contrast to a traditional intranet, a social intranet offers the following advantages: 


  • · Bidirectional communication: employees can actively write, comment, like and share posts. This creates a lively exchange.
    · Transparency: All relevant information is available centrally, which increases transparency.
    · Participation: Employees can actively contribute and feel more involved.
    · Strengthen corporate culture: A social intranet promotes corporate culture and a sense of community.


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