Green and social commitment

As a full-service digital agency, we recognize the importance of our social and environmental commitment. We firmly believe that our success is inextricably linked to the responsibility we have towards society and the environment. For this reason, we are actively committed to bringing about positive change and leaving a lasting impact. Our social and green commitment permeates all our activities and is reflected in our projects, partnerships and operating practices.

A library book set for children in Bangladesh

We have donated to various regional and national projects. For example, we have been involved here.
In many developing countries, there is a lack of education and the children there have little or no career prospects. In many regions in India, there are neither schools nor libraries. However, many long for education, are eager to learn and want to be able to read and learn.
As we would like to make a contribution to this for the children in Bangladesh, we have donated a complete library book set to a library in Bangladesh. In this way, we are offering the children there the desired career prospects and giving them access to books. Especially dictionaries, grammar books and reference books. You can take a closer look at the WorldVision project here.

Our climate protection project

We support the rainforest conservation project in Papua New Guinea with the climate neutrality of our company. 
By supporting this project, we are not only promoting the preservation of the rainforest, but also contributing to the achievement of global sustainability goals. These include, for example, combating poverty and improving living conditions in these emerging and developing countries.
We plant trees in the Annarode forest reserve for every new employee at asios

Company bike

To take a further step towards sustainability, we offer our employees the
employees the option of a job bike. The system works in a similar way to the familiar company car leasing scheme - only with bicycles and e-bikes instead of cars.
Our employees have the opportunity to use bicycles and e-bikes for work, but also privately or on vacation. Our aim is to promote cycling, as this benefits both the environment and the health of our employees.

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