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June 09, 2020

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Scientists have found that every person comes into contact with well over 10,000 advertising messages every day. However, "advertising blindness", i.e. the ability of a person to simply overlook such messages, already occurs with half of the messages.

This is because we are all capable of hiding irrelevant information in order not to be flooded with stimuli. Conventional advertising measures are therefore increasingly coming to nothing. But what does this mean for your marketing? Content marketing goes the other way: It is not created to be overlooked, but to be found!

How does content marketing work? 

Content-Marketing aims to create added value with high-quality content. People use search engines as "problem-solving machines". Nobody googles anything because they are bored. People search for content because they want to solve a problem. But to do so, they need information, instructions, services or products  
This is where content marketing comes in. It reaches users on the Internet who are actively searching for specific content! As a company, you therefore have a completely different starting position when it comes to customer contact than competitors whose advertising banners are simply overlooked. Use the interest of your potential customers to open doors. Present valuable contents with which you can position yourself as a likeable expert in your industry! Increase your turnover by addressing customers in such a way that you are not perceived as a "representative" but as a helpful partner  

The steps of content marketing 

  • As a first step, analyze exactly which questions are relevant for your target group. How can you answer these questions, which products do you offer that make life easier for your customers? 
  • The conception and planning of your content is decisive for your success. To retain customers in the long term, you need a clear concept with recognition value to strengthen your branding. Plan your content strategy for the long term! This way you don't have to rethink every week what you could do to inspire readers  
  • The production of the content must be of high quality so that your products are also perceived as high quality. Get professionals to help you  
  • The next important step in your content marketing is distribution. Never limit yourself to publishing your content on your website! YouTube is now used as a search engine, portals such as Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest attract very specific target groups  
  • Content marketing is not set in stone. The evaluation of your content is an ongoing process. Use analysis tools to check whether you have achieved your goals. Discard what does not work and build on what your users like  

In the following articles of our series on Content-Marketing you will find many helpful tips to make your content professional and unique! 


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