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December 03, 2020

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Now you know the most popular social media platforms, all of which have earned their place in your portfolio. But you probably don't really know how exactly you want to integrate them into your marketing strategy and above all - isn't that terribly time-consuming? Fortunately not, thanks to helpful tools, three of which we would like to introduce to you.


One of the leading solutions for social media management is the Hootsuite tool. It supports up to 35 different social networks depending on the tariff. Hootsuite is suitable for almost every company. This software ensures efficiency and clarity because you control all your social media channels from a single dashboard - which means no more time-consuming logging in and out of individual accounts.

Everything now runs through the tool:

  • posting
  • Planning of contributions and, if necessary, transfer to other channels
  • You are able to publish content with it even at night
  • The posting is completely automated, you just prepare it
  • Analysis tool included

Analysis tool
Besides planning, Hootsuite also measures the performance of your posts using analysis tools. Through monitoring you can also track and filter the information relevant to your business in the various channels. Since Hootsuite is also available as an app, you can even work from any location.

Advantageous is the choice of tariffs for your individual needs: The Professional tariff starts at 25 € per month and manages up to ten social media profiles. For the team version you pay 109 € per month, manage 20 profiles and three different users can work with the tool. The Business version, at 599 € per month, is interesting for large social media teams with 35 profiles and more than five users.


An alternative to Hootsuite is SocialPilot. This tool is also available as an app and also has a calendar function where you can easily move your entries back and forth by dragging and dropping them. The handling of the interface is generally uncomplicated and intuitive. Several users can log into the app at the same time and work on it while on the move.

In addition, the costs for SocialPilot are lower, the tool even has a free version. However, this version allows you to post a maximum of 10 articles per day on three different accounts. The professional version is $30 per month and includes 25 social media profiles and three authorized users. The two larger packages are available for $50 and $100 per month. These offer five and ten users access to 50 and 100 accounts respectively.



  • A similar calendar feature to SocialPilot is provided by the Zoho tool. In the so-called publication calendar, you can move your planned posts as it fits into your schedule - especially when it changes.
  • Put together your own individual dashboard to track reactions to your social media activity and watch them in the livestream.
  • Answer all messages you receive on your channels directly in the tool.
  • You can also work together as a team on Zoho: Discuss with each other, set  roles and mark your  co-workers in posts.
  • Zoho's reporting allows you to learn more about your audience, as the software provides you with analysis and statistics. You also have the ability to incorporate these analyses into custom reports.

Zoho offers you a free version, which is very reduced in its functions. From 10 € (seven channels, two team members) up to 300 € per month (140 channels, five team members) you can choose between four different payment plans.

Which tool with which tariff is suitable for your purposes?

Not only with a large portfolio of international social media channels Hootsuite certainly the market leader - However, its alternatives are in no way inferior and are often cheaper. Especially Zoho offers many different tariffs, has all the important functions, a clear user interface and also an app for mobile working. If you're just starting your social media project, it's certainly a good idea to check out various trial versions to place. Please feel free to request a demo. No matter which tool you use, each of them takes a lot of work off your shoulders, saves time and supports you individually in your successful social media management.

This is an overview of the entire blog article series on the topic of "Social Media - a small guide to your marketing success".

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