Use Instagram as a social media platform for your own company

Instagram is now close on Facebook's heels in terms of user numbers. The Platform founded in 2010 was bought by the social media giant and is located in 2020 with one billion users worldwide 21 million in Germany. 


General information and functions of Instagram

With Instagram, everything happens mainly via the app, in the desktop version the network is only limited usable. On Windows 10, however, the app can already be installed. The content you share on Instagram is photos and videos. Upload Pictures, edit these using integrated filters and generate followers. Add hashtags to your posts - these are keywords with which you can both mark your posts and search for them. You can also use the magnifying glass icon to find terms, people or places.

Stories and IGTV

Instagram also offers the possibility to create and share so-called stories . Stories are photos or videos that can be personalized with music, stickers and polls and are only visible for 24 hours.

Since 2018, the platform has expanded its functions to include Instagram TV, or IGTV for short. This is a separate app that can permanently provide longer video content.  Instagram TV is therefore certainly interesting for companies.

Put your own products in the limelight with the photos

Instagram connects to Facebook, which means that posted content is automatically uploaded to Facebook and vice versa. But is a presence on the platform worth it? A picture often says more than words, and a photo or video is consumed much faster and easier than written text. You don't have to be a painter or photographer to showcase your product on Instagram: Baker, chef, ice-cream parlor, fashion designer, hairdresser, make-up artist, nail studio, travel agency - the list goes on and on with companies that can make the most of Instagram to market their product. The photos on Instagram either speak for themselves or can be supplemented with (preferably not too much) text.

Integrate Instagram into the company's social media marketing strategy

The more often a picture is shared and the more active the users are, the higher it ranks. Advertisements, the so-called Instagram Ads, are also possible. A big plus of the platform is also its ease of use. If you want to add Instagram to your social media marketing strategy, create a business account - similar to Facebook.

Here we have summarized a few tips for you:

  • Always pay attention to the quality of the pictures you post
  • Define a consistent theme and stay true to it - this way you will be remembered by your community and build up a certain image
  • Publishes content regularly
  • Analyze when your target group is active and create a plan based on this
  • You can take advantage of Influencer Marketing on Instagram


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