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March 23, 2021

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Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces. Vue.js is characterised by simple integration into projects with other JavaScript libraries and can function as a web framework for the development of reactive single-page applications.

It is currently supported by creator Evan Y. and other active core team members of various companies like Netlify, Netguru, Baidu, Livestorm. A 2016 Javascript survey found that Vue has a developer satisfaction rating of about 90%. On GitHub, the project earns an average of 95 stars and is the third largest project in Github history.

Interesting facts about Vue.js

In 2013, while working on one of his projects, Google employee Evan You came to the conclusion that there were no ready-made solutions for rapid prototyping of complex web application user interfaces. React was in an early stage of development at the time. The main tools were complex frameworks like AngularJS or MVC-oriented Backbone.js, which were not very simple and focused on developing large applications. To bridge this gap, You started developing Vue.js, which kept it simple but proved to be suitable not only for prototyping but also for full development.
In October 2015, version 1.0 of the library was released, in September 2016 - version 2.0. Since version 2.0, the framework also supports server-side rendering, also known as SSR (Server-Side Rendering). On September 18, 2020, Vue.js 3.0.0 "One Piece" was released, according to the developers "it offers improved performance, smaller package sizes, better integration with TypeScript, new APIs for solving large-scale tasks, and a solid foundation for future iterations of the framework".
Version 3.0 involves over 2 years of development effort, including over 30 RFCs, over 2600 commits, 628 requests from 99 developers, and a tremendous amount of development and documentation work. All code was rewritten in more efficient TypeScript (TypeScript 96.8%), which offers advantages in agile development. A new set of API compositions was also introduced.

Concept of Vue.js

The developers describe Vue.js as progressively customizable compared to other web frameworks. This way, the developer can adapt the structure of the application to their own requirements. Many developers consider Vue.js easier to learn than AngularJS because the API is much faster to understand. In Vue.js, users need knowledge only in javascript, HTML and typoscript which are required to use it. 
Vue.js has its own official documentation in many languages, with quite extensive documentation provided at vuejs.org as an example to explain design and development in the browser. Vue.js implements the MVVM pattern, Vue.js provides javascript the ability to bind data so that output and input are directly connected to the data source. Therefore, the mode to define data manually (e.g. via jQuery) from the HTML DOM is not needed. At the same time, there are no additional annotations, as in Knockout.js.


Adaptive design and transition effects

Adaptive or responsive design in Vue means that the view in the MVC model changes as the model changes. In Vue, developers simply bind a view to the corresponding model. Vue automatically observes changes in the model and redraws the view. This feature makes Vue's state management simple and intuitive. Vue provides several ways to apply transition effects when inserting, updating, or deleting the DOM. 

Vue includes the following tools:

  • CSS automatically applies transition and animation classes
  • Users can work with third-party CSS animation libraries such as Animate.css
  • Users can use Javascript in a transitional cut function to edit the DOM directly
  • Can be used in conjunction with third-party JavaScript animation libraries such as Velocity.js

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