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June 07, 2022

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Only a running intranet can become a good intranet. In the run-up to publication, content and functions are "planned on the drawing board," but sometimes it's good to take a step back and look at the big picture. This involves checking to see if the whole project is moving in the desired direction. The following checklist is intended to provide guidance on the most important questions that should be addressed prior to release. 

1. are we ready for it? 

The fundamental prerequisite for the success of the intranet is the company's own will. Only if there is a willingness to change and to familiarize oneself with possibly new, unknown topics can the company also benefit from the project. In case of doubt, it helps to ask oneself why the project was originally initiated and what benefits are expected. 

2. are the technical foundations in place?

Even if this question is a matter of course, it should not be omitted. A successful intranet requires its own server structure as well as a team of employees who continuously take care of it - be it technical support or content maintenance.  

3. what are the objectives of the intranet?

He who does not know his harbor will never have a favorable wind - so the saying goes. As is so often the case in life, one should pause for a moment before starting the actual work and consider what is actually to be achieved. Is the intranet merely intended to improve communication within the company? Should interesting, new content be published regularly? Does the intranet need to be available on mobile devices? The more detailed the formulation of objectives, the better all employees know what is to be achieved - and the easier it is to check whether the objectives have been achieved. 

4. what form of intranet should it be?

This question should also be asked very early in the project so that the right course can be set for development. The answer depends on the wishes of the employees and the company's objectives. In many cases, the "classic" intranet has had its day as a pure knowledge database. It has been replaced by the social intranet - the most widespread form of intranet today. 

5. to what extent do we make the intranet available?

Technically, almost all necessary tools can be mapped via the intranet, from collaborative work on databases to rapid communication to interactive training videos. The question is what is suitable for the company. Smaller companies are often satisfied with selected functions, while large corporations may be concerned about full bandwidth. 

6. how is data protection ensured?

Data protection is an important area that should not be missing from any considerations. Hosting the files on the company's own network lays a good foundation for data protection, but that alone is not enough. In the best case, the data protection officer can be brought on board to ensure that relevant aspects are taken into account from the outset. 

7. what content should be made available?

Almost any content is conceivable, from chats and forums to calendar functions and the cafeteria menu. But which applications should be integrated? That depends heavily on the objective. 

8. how is it ensured that the content has a lasting appeal to employees?

Content can be presented in different ways. Variety is the keyword when it comes to permanently interesting content. Depending on requirements, this can be images, texts, videos or alternative methods such as podcasts. 

9. how can we improve employee motivation in the long term through the intranet?

The intranet also makes it possible to increase the motivation of employees - and thus to improve their work performance or to bind them to the company in the long term. New employees in particular can be welcomed with a warm introduction, and induction can also take place (in part) via the intranet. Long-time employees can stay motivated with forum discussions or job postings. 

10. has the intranet been extensively tested?

Before things get serious, the intranet should be put through its paces by a selected test group. During this test, errors and inconsistencies quickly come to light. The feedback can be used to fine-tune the intranet. If these points have been taken into account, there is nothing standing in the way of a successful intranet deployment! 

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