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April 13, 2021

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This article in the "JavaScript Frameworks" blog series serves as a summary of the Angualr/Angular JS, React.js, and Vue.js frameworks that have been detailed in previous articles.


Front-end developers welcome such a wide range of complex and flexible frameworks with almost no problems that can be solved with the right tools, a helpful community, and some programming experience. The community is huge for all three, hardly a question that can be asked in everyday life has not been answered. When using React, the approach that many paths and thus many tools lead to one goal should be encouraged. Ready-made toolkits are available here, especially for beginners who have not yet found and assembled a suitable toolbox.

Those who prefer one-stop shopping and clear instructions to their goal are in good hands with Angular and Vue.js. Angular requires a bit of a learning curve. Newcomers to the field may be overwhelmed. Those who generally prefer Angular's approach but want easier accessibility and less overhead are often in the right place with Vue.js. Small to medium sized tasks can be accomplished with well thought out workflows and practical documentation. The framework can reach its limits with large or enterprise applications. The ecosystem and community have not yet reached the size of its two rivals Angular and React, even though the trend is growing fast.

Here React and Vue are similar in many ways. Both:

  • use Virtual DOM
  • provide reactivity and component structure
  • focus on the root library and transfer other problems such as routing or managing global application state to additional libraries

Some parts of Vue syntax look very similar to AngularJS syntax (compare v-if and ng-if, for example). This is not a coincidence. We believe that many of the ideas behind AngularJS are correct and were inspired by them in the early days of Vue. At the same time, however, there are many painful problems with AngularJS. Vue is much simpler than AngularJS in terms of both API and architecture. If users acquire enough knowledge to write non-trivial applications, it usually takes less than a day, which is not the case with

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P2fGeg9I5o

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