SEO checklist: High-quality content also achieves a high-quality Google ranking!

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August 20, 2020

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In all online marketing, everything revolves around the term "quality content". But what exactly makes content of high quality and how do you create content that puts all competitors in the shade?

Personality is important, because especially in the digital world, emotionally appealing content must compensate for the lack of human closeness. Only those who leave their readers with a positive feeling have delivered high-quality content. The focus in content creation must therefore always be on the needs of the user, always! The user experience is made up of two essential factors: helpful information and user-friendliness. 

The user decides on the content strategy

Whether users find content helpful depends on whether their needs are met. Understanding the search intention of the target group is therefore the first step towards high-quality content. If you put yourself in the position of your users, you can see from this which problem they are looking for a solution to. If you are an expert in your niche, you will also be able to answer questions that other websites have not yet addressed in detail. With extensively researched and detailed content, the step to inbound marketing is taken. Readers come to the website because nowhere else will they find such a detailed answer to their question. Google also rewards such care in content creation.

Revise and enhance existing content

In order to improve the ranking of a website, it is rarely necessary to replace the entire content. Often it is enough to rework existing content specifically under the aspect of search engine optimization. In this case, the so-called hygienic content also offers a lot of potential! Permanently valid content, such as the "About us" page or the corporate philosophy, should be optimised for the most important keywords using an analysis tool. 
The start page as a contact point for new visitors must provide an overview and appeal to readers emotionally. Formatting and media mix also play an important role. Paragraphs should not be too long, subheadings loosen up the picture and give the eye some support. Bulleted lists, bold phrases and visually highlighted quotations make it easier for readers to quickly grasp the meaning of the content.

Offer extras that others do not have!

Extras such as free PDF files for download or practical checklists also enhance content. A website that guides its users through the content as if by itself with elements such as call-to-action buttons usually achieves a high retention time and an excellent conversion rate. A further and unfortunately often neglected step to enhance the content are the tags that can be stored when creating the individual content. Since search engines cannot "see", but can only read text, it is effective to use the alt tag to store a concise alternative text that lets Google know what is to be seen on an image. Using alt tags also contributes to the accessibility of a page, as visually impaired users can have the text read aloud to them.


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