Reward and recognition also works in the home office - but how?

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May 19, 2020

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Good performance while working in the home office should also be rewarded. This increases motivation and promotes the willingness to perform. Do you want to appreciate the success of your employees, but don't know exactly how you can implement this in a remote team? 

Here you will find three unerring suggestions!

"Shout-outs" at meetings 

Regular team meetings (e.g. via video conference) are a good opportunity to address and praise outstanding achievements of employees. Not only does a team member receive the recognition he or she deserves for a job well done, the praise often acts as an incentive for the other employees. The praise should also be addressed to the employee by individually addressing the work he or she has done. For example, if an employee has won new customers or given an outstanding presentation, this must also be explicitly mentioned (AmPnBsP). The same applies, of course, to teams, for example when a large project has been completed. Then good teamwork can be put in the foreground and the names of the employees can be mentioned. This also gives motivation for future projects and teamwork.

Praise by thank you card or telephone call  

Calling the employee and delivering the praise by phone or sending a thank-you card are more personal ways of showing appreciation. In this way the team members see that they are also important as people and not just as workers. Especially short phone calls are done quickly, cost hardly any time and are a great way to say thank you. This creates a closer relationship with your employees and also provides motivation for further working hours in the company. Employee retention during home office hours is important, especially if you rarely have personal contact with them and only see each other through online meetings. A short, constructive and praising telephone call or a small card is just the right thing to strengthen employee loyalty.

Offer useful benefits  

While before the Corona crisis it was considered a new work-life-balance feeling to be allowed to take the dog with you to work, remote teams have to rethink. Here it is a matter of killing two birds with one stone, if possible. In order to reward your employees and at the same time promote their productivity, you can offer benefits for good performance. These could be better technological resources that allow employees to work more efficiently from home. Also a food delivery service, for example to bring a hot meal every now and then at lunchtime, as it is a good way to show your recognition. You can also hire a gardener or domestic helper to help the employee.
Grants in various areas are also a welcome way to reward and motivate your employees.


Employee retention is especially important and indispensable in home office hours and often it is little things like a short phone call or a nice voucher that motivate your employees and show them the recognition they have earned.
Work as a sole proprietor alone in your home office you have to reward yourself. But you can also do that  Set a daily goal or several small goals spread over the day. When you reach the goal, the reward is waiting. This should make you happy and motivate you for the next task.

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