Agile Teams - the corporate culture of the future

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October 28, 2020

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Nico Rehmann' s article on "Agile Teams - the corporate culture of the future" is published in the printed version in the business magazine Digitale Welt (issue 04/2020). We can now make it available to you here.

The great upheavals of our time are characterized by extraordinary complexity, globalization and demographic change. Those who are not able to permanently and fluently adapt to these new challenges in terms of innovations, solutions and methods can easily fall behind in the market. The demand for skilled workers can hardly be met and is constantly growing. Networking across national borders, even across continents, is changing the way billions of people work in an unprecedented way. This creates comparability in areas that were previously not subject to competition and makes hierarchies appear outdated. If the availability of a superior in a sub-office is less given than the contact to colleagues in Southeast Asia, this cannot be communicated to an employee nowadays.



The following topics and chapters are part of the article:

  • An iceberg of ignorance or what becomes of hierarchies?
  • Agile enterprise: Definitions and principles
  • Agile leadership - why is it necessary?
  • Which principles and methods are there?
  • The Spotify model
  • Why does agile leadership make sense in today's world?

The article as PDF to read



WELT is the business magazine on digitization, available through Springer-Verlag on Springer Link and Springer Professional. With up to 20,000 readers per article and its renowned annual event Digital World Convention, DIGICON for short, it has a wide reach in an extremely interesting target group. Submissions for expert contributions are accepted on an ongoing basis.

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