Quantum Computing in Digital Marketing - Introduction

Quantum computing is expected to bring revolutionary innovations in many fields. This article and the next two look at quantum computing as it relates to digital marketing. How will quantum computers change and influence digital marketing?

With the help of the powerful computers can be clearly more complex simulations provide information about processes in the human body or in genetics. In addition, the healthcare sector benefits from better and automated imaging diagnostics. But also the Handling and processing of data of all kinds will change thanks to quantum computers.

Since the Triumph of the Internet work Marketing and advertising is completely different than it used to be. Instead of painstakingly using surveys and polls to gather data about the User and customer behaviour If you don't have to collect this information, it practically falls to the people in charge. The Digital marketing benefits one of the most from the permanent streams of data of the World Wide Webs. It has never been easier to collect data about your own and potential customers, evaluate it and use it for the Design of targeted advertising and marketing measures to use. The social networks and search engines construct complex user profiles. In this way, companies' advertising reaches exactly the right target group. Communication by e-mail and via social media also allows the Customer loyalty simple, but sustainable to strengthen.

Quantum Computing could, thanks to its incredible processing power. Effectiveness of Digital Marketing but can be increased many times over. The computers of the new generation and their computing methods potentially extend the methods already in use today by being able to include even more data. Through more complex analyses and simulations but also creates entirely new opportunities.

A major advantage for the field of Digital Marketing is that agencies and companies don't have to wait until the new models are ready for mass production. In fact, they can probably use quantum computing sooner than many other industries. Through internet giants and large corporations like Google, Facebook or Microsoft, you can get Access to prototypes and first functional quantum computers.

Simulations with quantum computers for digital marketin

The outstanding computing power the Quantum Computer in the matter of Data Analysis also expand the Possibilities for simulations. So far, human behavior is far too complex to generate reliable predictions. With the help of quantum computing, however artificial intelligences arise which account for many more variables and thus corresponding to accurate forecasts can deliver.

Such Simulations could be particularly important in the areas of Advertising planning Apply. There is a large amount of data from which it can be concluded when which Advertising probably achieve the highest efficiency. However, the multitude of factors is impossible for humans or conventional systems to keep track of. Quantum computers and systems based on them artificial intelligences but could also act as a game changer here.

Here you can see the whole blog series "How quantum computers will revolutionize digital marketing".

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