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Social media marketing is similar to search engine marketing in terms of targeted advertising.

Quantum computers optimize social media marketing

In social networks, however, many users voluntarily disclose a great deal of private information that search engine providers like Google do not always get access to. They also include contacts and peers of individual potential customers. Nevertheless, the principle and the possible improvements in this field remain the same as in search engine marketing: With quantum computing , the operators of the networks can evaluate even more user data in an even more complex way. This makes profiles even more accurate and individual target groups can be addressed even more precisely
Unlike search engines, digital marketing also uses social networks for customer retention. Here too, in a future with quantum computing and thus more precise profiles of individual users, even more precise addresses are possible. It is quite conceivable to provide existing or potential customers with specific addresses depending on their characteristics, interests or point in their customer journey. All in all, quantum computing promises to make social media marketing more complex, but even more effective  

Cross- and Upselling - Customers also bought...

Companies, and especially those responsible for digital marketing, already know that customer data used correctly is pure gold. This is especially true for returning customers, who voluntarily generate many measurement points and interaction opportunities by creating user accounts. Here, too, the improved analysis possibilities of quantum computing promise a huge leap forward. 
Product suggestions are currently based primarily on the purchasing behavior of other customers. But if algorithms can include even more factors in their calculations, it will be possible to combine general and personal user profiles. The automatically generated product suggestions will become more accurate and could even achieve a level of accuracy that seems uncanny to the customer. 

Are quantum computers and artificial intelligences taking over digital marketing? 

It is clear that quantum computing is unleashing huge potential through the enormous increase in computing power. Artificial intelligences already exist that can independently implement simple customer service and advisory functions. As quantum computing improves these programs, they will certainly be able to fulfill an even wider range of services. These are likely to include: 

  • Analysis of all data and creation of customer profiles 
  • Optimization of communication according to customer profile 
  • Optimization of online presence according to customer profile 
  • Targeting potential customers 
  • Simulation of advertising campaigns, their reach and success 


It is still unclear to what extent the new artificial intelligences generated with quantum computers can be creative. Companies are already experimenting with machine learning for content creation. However, the results so far are at best usable for cheap search engine optimization. They are still far from readable and appealing articles. However, this could change with the computing power of quantum computing. Perhaps the future of digital marketing lies in leaving everything to the machines. However, it will probably be several decades before that happens - if ever. 

Here you can see the whole blog series "How quantum computers will revolutionize digital marketing".

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