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May 10, 2022

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For many companies, customer satisfaction is one of the most important key figures of all. But what about satisfaction within the company? After all, motivated employees take a company much further. This article takes a closer look at the role the social intranet can play in increasing employee engagement. 

Engaged employees perform better

It is obvious that a high level of employee commitment and satisfaction makes for a better working atmosphere. But motivation also brings other benefits. Because it has been proven that motivated employees work more efficiently. They don't just "work to rule," but are willing to do a little more for their employer. The intranet can help motivate employees and increase satisfaction. Here are some ideas of what content might go down well with the workforce: 


The first day of work at a new company is often an emotional challenge. Even though a new employee is naturally looking forward to new colleagues and professional challenges, there is always a certain amount of nervousness involved. So why not introduce new colleagues via the intranet? This provides an excellent opportunity for other colleagues to approach "the new guy" or "the new girl." With some interesting personal information, the first ice is also quickly broken. 


The induction period has a major influence on the satisfaction of a new employee. It is not uncommon for newcomers to quit after a short time due to poor induction. Dynamic processes with different content can be used via the intranet to make the induction process as pleasant as possible. 

Suggested topics

When employees feel that their opinion carries weight, it makes them more satisfied and motivates them. With regard to the intranet, there are many ways in which employees can actively help shape the content. For example, they can regularly submit their own suggestions for new content. It is also possible to award prizes for the best ideas, which further increases employee satisfaction. 

Job postings

Career changes are crucial for personal development. If employees do not see any prospects, satisfaction often drops as well. Internal job postings, on the other hand, signal that it is possible to take on new challenges and develop further. This motivates employees, and they no longer have to look to the competition for certain jobs. 

Forum Discussions 

Personal exchange among employees clearly promotes satisfaction. This is why discussions within a forum are a good idea. The topics can be of different nature: From professional questions to suggestions on procedures to travel tips, the threads can be individually designed. However, the discussion culture may need to be fostered first. This can be achieved through open questions.  


Employee engagement and satisfaction has a direct impact on a company's business success. The intranet can do its part to foster this engagement. There are various ways to do this: From a welcome to new employees to internal job postings to open discussions in the forum, employees get a voice that is heard - and that makes them more satisfied. Individual measures must, of course, be adapted to the company. The more employees are involved in this project, the more likely acceptance will increase. 



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