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Content as a Service (CaaS) increases flexibility and productivity at work.

Greater flexibility and productivity when working with content content

is now created independently of the touchpoint being considered. On the one hand, this allows for quick authoring and broader application possibilities on the web, in apps or even as print. On the other hand, the versatile use of uniform text, images, videos and so on saves time for formatting and media-specific creation. That's what CaaS is for.

Content as a Service ensures that the desired content is displayed to your users on the desired medium in the desired format at the desired time. And because of the technical possibilities of CaaS, you have less work. That sounds tempting? Then read on in the blog series and find out when CaaS can make sense for your company.


Practical Meaning and Key Terms of CaaS

CaaS is widely used without users necessarily realizing it. A classic example of how CaaS is used in practice is the publication of content on desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, and in print. In the past, every layout had to be worked on separately. Today, thanks to CaaS, one platform is sufficient for various channels. The output is optimized for the respective form of presentation and guarantees a uniform appearance.

In the CaaS world, a number of technical terms are buzzing around that should be understood by anyone who is concerned with the relevance of the new generation of content management systems (CMS) for their company. They consist of APIs (Application Programming Interface), repositories (the structured storage location for content), the actual content and the various views. There are traditional and "headless" CMS. Read about their meaning in one of the next articles.

In the blog article series on CaaS, the next thing you will see are concrete use cases that show you examples of concrete applications, including in your business. You will also learn more about the different types of CaaS and important terms related to the topic. Finally, you will learn more about the effects of CaaS on your editorial process and recommendations for the introduction in your own company.


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