In order to effectively influence customers' purchasing decisions, more and more channels must be supplied with content. The effort required to serve all channels is constantly increasing. Since new channels have to be served constantly, the classic methods have become obsolete in many places.

Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the solution here: 
This is about content being created channel-neutrally by the editorial staff and then made available in a structured form. In most cases this is data in JSON format. The data is then displayed correctly at the touchpoint. The type of presentation is thus up to the touchpoint.

Headless CMS and Decoupled CMS can also be heard more frequently in this context.

There are also other terms related to CaaS, which are also important for us

  • Commerce-as-a-Service
    The "headless" provision of e-commerce services
  • Container-as-a-Service
    Easy provisioning for container-based virtualization

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