CaaS enters the digital everyday life - Some use cases

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February 28, 2019

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Whether in the household, in your car, of course on your smartphone and laptop, you are already unconsciously a user of Content as a Service (CaaS).

The consumption of digital content has become a natural part of everyday life and is spreading rapidly. Here are some use cases.


Decentralized organizations benefit greatly from increasing speed

In large organisations it is not uncommon for decentralised country organisations to find it difficult to respond quickly to market needs. It simply takes too long for the central business department or IT to get a hearing for market-specific needs.

CaaS can help here. The relevant content (products, images, videos, brochures, etc.) is provided in a central CaaS. For example, marketing managers in the countries could use CaaS to instruct their local agencies to develop a special app for an upcoming trade fair that uses content from CaaS. This would then eliminate the need for local IT and enable them to implement their requirements quickly.

Both the coordination and integration effort would be reduced. As a result, marketing campaigns can be carried out faster and more cost-effectively. CaaS also facilitates and accelerates analyses and adaptations. This makes it easier to plan, set up and control new and future marketing measures.


Better informed than you think: Your fridge

Your refrigerator is all about food. That's why CaaS allows you to link directly to recipes, shopping lists and - if you wish - menus for weight loss. And your smart fridge also knows who you're cooking for. Thanks to CaaS, it can evaluate the calendars of all family members and conclude who will be at the table in the evening. The fact that you can also surf the Internet, stream playlists and write messages at the fridge door are pleasant side effects.


The supermarket assortment in one hand: The shopping app

Your smartphone knows your favourite supermarket better than the merchant. It has long since transformed your digital shopping list, created from the fridge, into the app of the local corner shop. The app has also calculated how much the shopping bags weigh and created a route through the store for you. The tomato sauce is sold out? Your app knows a recommendable substitute product and, if necessary, the recipe for homemade tomato sauce.

While shopping, the app can offer you additional content to view any recipes or additional information about the nutritional content of the food or its suitability for your current lifestyle.


Content delivered mobile: In a car

They're leaving. Internet-enabled cars enjoy a wide range of information accessible online, right on the dashboard. On the way to work, to the supermarket or to a customer appointment, CaaS helps you here too. Where is the nearest gas station, when does the appointment in your calendar start or for which restaurant is it worth making a detour? Your car knows the answer. Just as you can locate petrol stations on websites, your car app will find them for you on the road. With CaaS, you save yourself the trouble of adapting content to make it suitable for the car use case. CaaS converts content in generic format accordingly. This way, there are no additional costs for delivering content for cars.


Who is this? Alexa, Siri & Co.

CaaS is also capable of handling voice-controlled content. This is where the interactive potential of Content as a Service becomes apparent - a feature that classic CMS cannot provide. With Content for Alexa, Siri and Co., think about how users ask for content. The verbal use of content can differ from the written. It is greatest when CaaS can process optimized content.

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