Criteria for the selection of a CDN provider

In the previous articles of our blog series, we have already clarified that the use of a CDN can be worthwhile, especially for companies. This one deals with the selection criteria of a content delivery network.

There are now a number of CDN providers, which can make it difficult to select a suitable provider. For this reason, companies should know the most important criteria when choosing a CDN provider. Three providers that score well on the factors below would be Akamai, Cloudflare, and Cloudfront. 

Geographical scope

Contrary to popular belief, not all CDNs operate globally, which is why geographic reach is always a criterion when selecting a provider. Basically, the provider does not have to be active worldwide, but only in the geographic regions relevant for the company. If the company is really active almost everywhere in the world, on the other hand, a globally active CDN provider is recommended. It is important that the respective provider complies with the DSVGO guidelines. This is a crucial factor and one of the most common problems with CDN providers from China.  

Traffic Management

In principle, every CDN provider takes over global traffic management for its customers and ensures efficient load distribution. What is not guaranteed, however, is the so-called Origin Shield, which shields the origin server from additional traffic. To avoid overloading, it is better to use a provider with Origin Shield, especially for websites with high traffic  

Network security

In the age of digitalization, cyberattacks are among the greatest risks for companies, as they can cause massive financial damage. Network security is therefore also an important criterion when choosing a CDN provider. In addition to defending against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, unauthorized access should be filtered out. It is also good to have an integrated web application firewall (WAF) as well as SSL encryption. However, network security should not come at the expense of performance. This should also be taken into account when selecting a provider  

Scope of functions

CDNs can have different features, so businesses should always find out in advance what features are offered. Some important features would be image management, advanced caching, dynamic acceleration and front-end optimization. 

Quality of support

A good customer service should be available around the clock and be able to help with problems or queries. In addition, the provider should have a managed service team with qualified specialists. In principle, it is even possible for companies to involve the CDN provider in the development of their own website(s) in such cases. 


The costs incurred should be determined in advance and fit the company's budget. In addition to the provision and storage of data, there may be costs for support and additional services. 

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