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asioso creates a platform called ContentTalk, on which relevant content around the topic of content in the form of articles, videos, webinars and events is collected and placed.  The website, which is based on WordPress, will also be used to publish the webinars and online talks of the "Content Management" XING Group, thus creating added value for the 20,000 members of the group.  


The main challenge was to create a platform that can present the relevant content in various forms, as articles, events and even videos of webinars are published. On the other hand, the platform must also ensure good usability so that users can find their way around quickly and easily. Since the XING group "Content Management - XING Ambassador Community" is the origin of the ContentTalk series and XING unfortunately does not offer a satisfactory way of maintaining the great content, the challenge now was to outsource the finished webinars and talks to an external portal. 


"We want to create a portal that curates and displays relevant content and topics around content." - Nico Rehmann



ContentTalk is programmed on the basis of WordPress, as this content management system (CMS) is best suited for this purpose and also generally for online magazines. Subsequently, an appropriate, visually appealing design was chosen to present the content in an appealing way. The design concept, technical implementation, realisation and editing were all taken into the hands of asioso independently and are now being developed further step by step. Thus ContentTalk was created as a platform for new, but also curated content.


  • Opportunity for the XING Community with 20,000 members to view the interesting webinars and online talks afterwards
  • Added value for readers who can read interesting articles and watch videos
  • Archiving of content (especially from past webinars)
  • High usability  
  • Curating relevant content
  • Display of content in multiple formats
  • Relevant content topics on one platform

About ContentTalk

ContentTalk was founded in 2018. You can find interesting content on the website, especially around the following topics: Web Content Management, Media Asset Management, Product Information Management as well as some special topics like Headless-CaaS, Customer Experience and Social Media. In addition, the videos of the "XING Expert Dialogs", a webinar and talk series, will be published here as a follow-up.

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