Ameropa redesigned: PIM and CMS with asioso's API integrations and front-end solutions

asioso, in collaboration with Ameropa and its partner Yukon Consulting GmbH, implemented a PIM and CMS system to address the limitations of their previous system. REST APIs were developed to enable smooth integration of content into Pimcore.

asioso's contributions included front-end development, implementation of APIs and support in building a robust infrastructure on AWS.

The challenge

Ameropa faced the challenge of an outdated system that made it difficult to seamlessly integrate new technologies. The main problem was the lack of streamlined processes for inserting and retrieving content. The existing system had limitations and hindered the quick and effective management and updating of product information. The transition from the old system to the PIM and CMS solution required careful planning and execution to avoid data loss and ensure a smooth transition for ongoing operations.


The solution

asioso provided expertise in front-end development within the Pimcore platform. This included creating user-friendly interfaces and optimizing the visual aspects of the system for an improved user experience.

In addition, yukon consulting and asioso worked together to design a well-thought-out solution that began with the development of custom REST APIs and the creation of customizable “building blocks”. The REST APIs enabled a seamless integration of content into the Pimcore environment and thus a smooth exchange of content. In addition, customized “bricks” were created to meet specific requirements and increase the efficiency of the system.



  • Modern PIM and CMS system that minimizes disruption and prevents data loss.
  • Integration of these systems created a unified platform for content management and increased operational consistency. 
  • AWS setup ensured optimal infrastructure provisioning, scalability and robust security measures.
  • An API-centric approach facilitated seamless data transfer, streamlined operations and reduced disruption during migration. 
  • Custom building blocks created by asioso improved efficiency and ensured a user-centric experience.


About the company

Ameropa is a renowned tour operator that has specialized in sustainable and unforgettable travel experiences for over 70 years. Whether city breaks, rail adventure tours or rail vacations, Ameropa is a reliable and trustworthy partner for high-quality travel in Germany. 

Founded in 1951, Ameropa began by making classic vacation regions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy accessible to domestic and international travelers. The headquarters are located in Bad Homburg im Taunus, from where Ameropa develops and offers a wide range of travel experiences, especially in the field of rail travel.


Quote from the customer

"Working with the Pimcore experts from asioso was a pleasure. Always efficient, with good ideas and excellent knowledge of the Pimcore platform, the colleagues supported us in the implementation of the challenging project for our customer Ameropa. We would like to thank them very much and look forward to future joint projects!"

 - Christoph Ramm | yukon consulting GmbH (Managing Director)

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