This is how large amounts of data can be handled in content management

For the effective use of business tools such as e-commerce or personalized marketing, one thing is especially important: data. Data about the customer, data about the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, data about business processes, no matter what they are, data is the focus 

Today, Web Content Management Systems are available for this purpose, which can organize and analyze the large amount of data. If an overview of the data is possible thanks to efficient content management, the quality of the content can also be improved. In this way, company websites can be adapted or social media channels can be enriched with better content. Videos are more effective than images, and precise and well-written texts work better than standardized press releases. The content itself should be marketed, this is also called content marketing. 

Instead of making available the available content without comment, an emotional bond to the customer can be established. With Web Content Management, in order to achieve this effect, all data from the company must be brought together and shared. Only in this way can the content be well tailored and agreed upon with the company. 

Whereas in the past it was a trend to place content as high up in search engine rankings as possible by using keywords, today it is more about the content itself. Instead of imposing qualitatively inferior content on potential customers, they should rather find the content themselves and distribute it themselves if they find it good. This organic way of distributing content is more popular with many customers than search engine optimization  

By using appropriate programs, the customer should also be shown content that he is really interested in. The inclusion of customer data and important environmental influences can help here. For example, if the customer has bought a snowboard helmet in the past and it is winter, advertising for a snowboard would be a good idea. 

Quality is also necessary due to the nature of social media and the Internet. Whereas it was once considered sufficient to simply publish content on the Internet without much control, today it is heavily optimized before publication. Since content on social networks can be copied by other users even after error detection and deletion of the content, and the negative consequences of bad content can be fatal. 

This technical paper was published by Nico Rehmann at Channelpartner You can read the entire article here.


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