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February 11, 2021

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This article covers the topic of FID (First Input Delay): what does this mean specifically  foryour own website? How does it affect and what does a webiste need to do to perform well?

First Input Delay: What is it?

The second metric among the new Core Web Vitals is called "FirstInput Delay". What is meant by FID is the time that elapses between a user's first interaction with a website until the browser responds to that user interaction

. For example, an interaction can be clicking a button, tapping a button, filling out a form, or invoking a custom JavaScript control. Google measures the value between user interaction and browser response of the first interactive element invoked. It's important to note that with FID, Google only measures the delay in processing an event, not the processing time itself or the time it takes for the browser to refresh the UI. These metrics are also important variables in terms of a good user experience. 


How does FID affect my website?

As with the LCP metric, low user patience is the triggering moment for the First Input Delay metric. Users generally have little understanding that there is a delay between their interaction and the browser's response. Website operators should therefore make sure that all interactive elements on their site have a quick response. A poor FID score can cause users to lose patience and abandon their visit while the site is responding. 

What does my site need to do to score well on FID?

When it comes to First Input Delay, Google recommends a delay of no more than 100 milliseconds (that's 0.1 seconds). FID values between 0.1, and 0.3 seconds are considered by Google to be in need of improvement, and response times of over 0.3 seconds are judged by the search engine to be poor.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULU-4-ApcjM

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