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September 17, 2020

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The goals of websites can be completely different. One website operator wants to generate more leads, another wants to sell more products or strengthen his branding.

One thing is certain: All website operators are united by the question of the right keywords for search engine optimization. Because as sophisticated as the algorithms of search engines are today, the keywords are still an essential part of the optimization. Successful work with keywords, however, requires extensive research and here, too, the following applies: What the user wants must be in the foreground! 

More visibility through relevant keywords


A clever choice of the right keywords not only improves the ranking, it also makes the content more visible through a wide selection of related terms and synonyms. Since content must always be helpful to the user, the needs of the user are also the starting point for keyword research. Every website operator is therefore faced with the task of creating content in his niche that answers questions and solves problems. Often the solution lies in buying a certain product or booking a service, but how do users find these products? By directing questions to search engines!  
It is therefore important to identify the keywords that potential customers use to search in order to solve their problems. However, simple keywords such as "buy shoes" are no longer enough to keep up with the industry giants, because Google prefers trustworthy and "long-established" brands on the Internet. It is better to combine the main keyword with secondary keywords, synonyms and W-questions to also pick up users who enter questions or phrases 

Conquer top niches with longtail keywords

Not all users make simple search queries like "buy shoes". Some also enter a longer combination of words as search terms, such as "buy black leather shoes men size 44". The advantage of the so-called long-tail keywords is actually the lower search volume! The fewer competitors optimize their content for specified keyword combinations, the easier it is for smaller websites to improve their Google ranking! In our article "SEO Checklist: Practical tools for more traffic" we present helpful tools for keyword research! 

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