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We are asioso a creative team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, turning your ideas into virtual reality. Headquartered in Munich and with offices in Belgrade (Serbia) and Banja Luka (Bosnia & Herzegovina), we have an international presence.

With a mix of strategic and technical knowledge, combined with creative power and technological understanding, we focus on the formula for success in digital marketing! Our goal is to support companies in communicating their messages to their target groups not only functionally, but also emotionally.


As experts in digital marketing, we have extensive experience and are proud to hold international certifications in our fields.
In everything we do, we don't just want to create digital campaigns, we want to generate enthusiasm. Through innovative ideas, we strengthen brands and bring them closer to their customers. We create outstanding digital marketing experiences that are tailored to the needs of your target groups. Welcome to the world of digital marketing! We love what we do! 


Our values


We always strive for the highest quality in everything we do. Through our expertise and our pursuit of excellence, we set standards in the digital world and exceed our customers' expectations.


Our actions are characterized by integrity and a sense of responsibility. We stand by our decisions and actions, both in successful and challenging situations, and always act in the best interests of our customers and our team.


We build on trust and reliability in our relationships, whether within our team or with our customers and partners. Through open communication and transparent working methods, we create a trusting environment for mutual success.


We respect and value the diversity of opinions, ideas and perspectives in our team and towards our customers. Through appreciation and recognition, we promote a positive working environment and a culture of cooperation and openness.


We strive to create long-term value, both for our customers and for society and the environment. We are actively committed to sustainable action and develop solutions that last in the long term and make a positive contribution to future viability.


We are convinced that innovation is the key to success in the fast-moving digital world. That's why we are committed to constantly finding new ways to give our customers a competitive edge. Our team of creative minds is constantly working to develop innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

About us

Passion and creativity: brand development with exceptional personalities

At asioso, we are distinguished by exceptional personalities who act with passion and understanding. Our team unites creative thinkers, consulting experts and strategic visionaries. Whether digital natives or experienced industry professionals - with creativity, courage, empathy and enthusiasm, we develop brands further, make them shine and sometimes even completely reinvent them. We love what we do!



We work and act value-oriented

We are constantly trying to improve and, despite our extensive experience, always discover new things.

Nico Rehmann


is co-founder of asioso. He worked in the management of a medium-sized digital consultancy and was responsible for marketing, sales, strategy consulting and product development.In a time when automatisms by programs and robots are increasingly replacing human work, we are trying to make the digitization process easier and more humane.


Just do it #simple

In a time when automatisms by programs and robots are increasingly replacing human work, we are trying to make the digitization process easier and more humane.

Goran Stefanovic


is co-founder of asioso. He has successfully implemented a wide variety of digital projects over many years and was responsible for development and concept areas at his previous employers.

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