Digital future with single source publishing

Flexibles Open Source Enterprise Content Management

Pimcore makes it easy to manage, update and integrate content. With this open source CMS you can publish your content device independent and reach your customers through different channels. Thanks to the existing personalization functions, you can address the right target group with the right content. International websites can be easily created with Pimcore and can be adapted optimally to the country conditions.

Pimcore offers you many possibilities and can be adapted to your needs.


  • Conception of contemporary forms of communication
  • Customer centric strategies
  • Web Experience Management, Portals, Intranets and Extranets, B2B and B2C- Commerce
  • Holistic conception, in the form of wireframes, flowcharts, analyses, functional descriptions, prototypes (AmPnBsP)
  • Responsive Websites
  • content as a service
  • Personalization, Targeting, A/B and Multivariate Testing


  • Introduction of data management strategies to reduce data silos
  • Central data management across several areas (CMS, PIM, MAM, E-Com, Newsletter, Web2Print)
  • Introduction of data integration processes
  • Cloud-based architectural solutions
  • Future-oriented and sustainable architectures for scalable systems (microservice architectures, container-based solutions) 
  • Integration scenarios with external systems like SAP
  • Performance optimizations


  • Development of web-based applications
  • Symfony development
  • Interface development for ERP systems and online marketplaces
  • Module development for special requirements, e.g.:  product configurators etc. 
  • Implementation of marketing automation, personalization and targeting
  • Frontend development and responsive layout
  • Quality Management and Refactoring  

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