asioso designs microsite construction kit for the University of Applied Sciences Munich

asioso supports the Munich University of Applied Sciences in the operation, further development and modernisation of its web presence, which includes an umbrella site and 14 faculty sites and is maintained by a large number of editors. Furthermore asioso supports the University of Applied Sciences Munich in support issues.


Some topics from research, teaching and transfer transcend the previous structures of the HM website and need a special stage to present their contents to the public: These are, for example, prestigious projects with several partners - including external partners -, cross-faculty research institutes or, in the future, special offers such as the HM music ensembles.

These compact, clearly delineated thematic presentations should be given an up-to-date, simple design that matches the HM's corporate identity and at the same time be as easy to set up and maintain as possible - without special web design or programming skills. 

The building blocks for these microsites should be designed in such a way that they are as flexible as possible  and should be applicable to all kinds of topics - because the planned sites had different requirements, but should all be able to use the same templates.   


The microsite construction kit developed by asioso makes it possible to create microsites in a multisite environment quickly and easily and bring them live. The individual template building blocks allow the editors an individual design and at the same time a clear assignment to the corporate identity of HM. Content can be easily and quickly maintained on the websites. Elements can be edited in ready-made templates using a "What you see is what you get" editor.

Some desired adaptations for individual appearances were also implemented - always with a view to ensuring that the content can be used as generally as possible, also for future appearances. Even special requirements, such as having two logos on the website, were not a problem in close cooperation and consultation with the client.  

asioso supports and advises HM in the continuous development and optimisation of the kit, among other things with a support ticket system. In this way, solutions can be found quickly and in a coordinated manner in daily cooperation: 

"With the construction kit, we can finally present cross-faculty projects with several partners in an optimal way. Together with the creative team of asioso we have managed to bring the various requirements to a common denominator and still remain within the CI of the University of Applied Sciences Munich. The University of Applied Sciences Munich and also the partners are enthusiastic about the result. Due to the trustful cooperation it is simply fun to realize projects together with asioso". 

Katharina Ritz | Web Coordination (University Communication)

Benefits of the microsite construction kit

  • No programming skills required for editors, as they only have to enter the content into the existing templates
  • There are ready-made templates, but special templates can also be developed by asioso on request
  • Many ways to make the content appealing, for example  with the following elements: Videos, parallax effect, call-to-action, images, texts, integration of web analytics (AmPnBsP), systems etc.

About the University of Applied Sciences Munich

The Munich University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany with a wide range of courses of study (a total of 85 Bachelor's and Master's programmes). Through applied research and practical orientation, students are optimally prepared for the job market. In 2020, more than 18,000 students are studying at the University of Applied Sciences Munich.

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