Schiedel in new splendor: Website relaunch with Pimcore

Asioso supported Schiedel with the relaunch of the new website. Taking into account the design provided by the customer, the frontend was developed and implemented in a modern CSS framework and then integrated into Pimcore. At the same time, extensive measures were implemented to improve usability. The implementation took place within a tight timeframe from September 2022 to February 2023.

The challenge

In the past, Schiedel lacked an efficient process for managing its products in order to maintain them centrally and make them more easily accessible to customers. For this reason, in addition to a CMS relaunch, a PIM system was also introduced. Usability also had to be optimized. The system was implemented in a record time of just under 5 months.



The new website was optimized for user experience in terms of functionality and interaction, including a special Elastic Search search and the introduction of a "for professionals" section. This makes it easier for customers to access data. The digital product finder, which guides users through specific requirements, can now also be used by customers. This asks precise questions in the product search, creating a personalized search experience. Additional functions such as the sales advisor search help to optimize interaction with customers. A total of four search functions are available to users, with the product search and the KINGFIRE sample search standing out as particularly outstanding features.


Benefits for the customer

User-friendly frontend: The implementation of the defined design style and the integration of UX optimizations provide customers with a user-friendly website that is easily accessible and appealing.

International presence: The multilingual website - customized for 25 countries with 28 languages - significantly expands Schiedel's reach. The implementation and enhancement of multilingualism has strengthened the client's international presence by reaching a wider and more diverse audience and creating an engaging online experience.

Enhanced professional area: Customers benefit from new features such as the sales advisor search, deepening their interaction with the website without the need to log in again and making it easier to access information.  

Precise product search: The ability to answer precise questions enables a personalized product search. Customers receive relevant results during the search process, which increases efficiency.
Sales advisor search: Customers can find the right sales advisor based on their zip code, which makes contacting the right advisor more efficient.

"KINGFIRE Search" for localization: The advanced and user-friendly search function for the KINGFIRE " product line significantly improves product discovery by allowing customers to find products based on specific models, states and zip codes.

Four search functions: The variety of search functions, especially the product search and KINGFIRE pattern search, provide customers with more flexible options to meet their needs and preferences.

The client was extremely satisfied with our collaboration, which resulted in us taking responsibility for the application management of the website.


About the company

Schiedel is the leading supplier of chimney, stove and ventilation systems in Europe. With over 75 years of market experience, Schiedel offers innovative and reliable products and services. Schiedel is an independent business unit within the group of companies of the global industrial group Standard Industries. 

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