asioso develops an employee portal for MEA with Pimcore feature

Asioso developed the employee portal for MEA with the Pimcore Portal Engine. The project includes the extension of the Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) system as well as the realization of an interface with the ERP system. As a result, MEA product data is automatically exported from SAP to Pimcore, enabling data to be updated to the second.

The challenge 

MEA faced the challenge of providing its employees with easy access to comprehensive product information. An analysis highlighted the need for more efficient management of their product information. Before asioso implemented the employee portal, this information was spread across different systems, which made accessing it time-consuming and cumbersome. The urgency was to provide employees with seamless access to product information while reducing catalog production time. The objective was to optimize workflows and create a user-friendly platform. 



Asioso led the project for MEA to provide employees with easier access to comprehensive product information. The first step was to expand Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) based on Pimcore to enable centralized management of product information and media. 

The interface with SAP was then integrated for daily data exchange, allowing the products to be automatically imported into the PIM system. In addition, data structures and models were defined and optimized to enable better management and use of the information. The integration of an automatic text translation module to support the internationalization of information as well as the implementation of easyCatalog to automate catalog creation with a reduction of lead times from 4 to 1 month were also part of this project. 



  • The expansion of PIM and DAM enables the centralized management of all product information and media. 
  • The optimization of data structures and models significantly improves the organization and accessibility of data. 
  • Export mechanisms have been implemented to facilitate the fast and accurate creation of external materials such as brochures and data sheets. 
  • The translation module supports the simple localization and internationalization of information. 
  • The automation of catalog production with easyCatalog significantly reduces turnaround time. 


About the company

The MEA Group is a leading international manufacturer in the construction, industrial and logistics sectors. With over 135 years of experience in the market, the company offers innovative products and solutions for users in the respective sectors.  

MEA Bautechnik GmbH is part of the MEA Group and is made up of the strategic business units Water Management (rainwater management: drainage, retention and treatment) and Building Systems (complete solutions for basement windows), with which MEA can respond individually to the respective customer and market needs and provide support for its customers. 


Quote from the customer

"When creating and managing product information and media, Pimcore is a great support. We can manage the data centrally and in a structured way for various output channels and also output it according to the country-specific product portfolio. The numerous functions could be individually adapted to our needs and requirements. The associated process optimizations allow us to use our internal resources even more efficiently." - Kim Minuth (Junior Product & Marketing Manager)


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