asioso supports the rainforest conservation project in April Salumei in Papua New Guinea

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August 11, 2020

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The rainforest there is protected from deforestation and the support of the project brings many other benefits to the local people and thus secures their future. In addition, we make sustainable contributions to the UN goals for sustainable development.

Forest conservation is an enormously important project in climate protection, which is why asioso takes on this issue and supports the forest conservation project in the April Salumei region in Papua New Guinea. Forests are one of the most important CO2 reservoirs on our planet and thus serve as the basis of life for the people.

Due to illegal logging, agricultural use or increasing settlement, the forest areas have, however, been greatly reduced. Through forest protection projects - such as the one in April Salumei - the forests are protected in the long term, which is especially important for the CO2 storage. The rainforest in April Salumei, for example, has an annual volume of 400,000 tonnes of CO2.



''We chose the rainforest protection project in Papua New Guinea because we want to counteract the deforestation of the rainforests and also offer a perspective to the people living there".  - Nico Rehmann, CEO of asioso




What exactly is asioso supporting in April Salumei?


By supporting the project the following UN goals for sustainable development are also promoted:
  • Health and well-being, for example through the construction of health centres
  • High-quality education, for example through financial support or scholarships
  • Affordable and clean energy, for example by installing 1000 solar lamps
  • Decent work and economic growth, for example through the establishment of small local businesses
  • industry, innovation and infrastructure, for example by improving existing infrastructure
  • Fewer inequalities, for example through land rights for the indigenous population
  • Climate protection measures, for example by protecting 600,000 hectares of primary forest
  • Life on land, for example through the protection of biodiversity in Papua New Guinea - which accounts for 5% of global biodiversity
  • Partnerships to achieve the objectives, for example by creating a bridge between rich and poor


Here you can take a closer look at the rainforest protection project of ClimatePartner and learn more about our climate neutrality and the compensation of our CO2 emissions.

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