SEO checklist: What are the SEO trends in 2020?

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August 13, 2020

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Google is becoming more and more intelligent and the requirements for effective search engine optimization are increasing every year.

What still worked in the early days of the Internet, namely to repeat a keyword as often as possible in the exact wording within a text, has long been punished as so-called keyword stuffing. In 2020 Google will instead focus even more on user intention and the relevance of the search results to the offer. The user with his expectations is absolutely central for Google! But which SEO measures are useful to convince Google that its own content will meet the expectations of the users? 

2020 Google detects whether content was created for the user 

Google wants to offer its users a fantastic user experience, no more and no less. Therefore, it is the search engine's declared goal to always provide the best possible answer to users' questions! Content should be helpful, high-quality and unique in order to be able to compete in the best search results. The way to a great Google Ranking therefore leads indirectly via happy users. Whether and why users are satisfied with the search results, Google recognizes from the details of the SEO measures  

Current focus of successful SEO measures  

Search engine optimization is more than the sum of the individual parts. The interaction of individual ranking factors enables Google to get a picture of the entire website that goes beyond statistical figures. On the basis of the click rate, the retention time, the social signals, the organically generated backlinks, the readability and many other details, the algorithms decide which search results are displayed in an exposed position.  

Details and appearance 

One SEO measure that will become even more important in 2020 is snippets. These "appetizers", which are intended to further improve the user experience on Google's search results pages, must be specifically optimized so as not to waste any potential and increase the click rate. And of course the content must meet the expectations raised by the snippets! If users return to Google within a very short time, the search engine concludes that it has probably played out an unsatisfactory search result, and the ranking deteriorates. Satisfied users therefore also lead to a satisfactory ranking.

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