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#CRM - Customer Relationship Management


December 17, 2019

Requests for quotations to suppliers should be able to be generated centrally controlled from a single system. A manual and automated reminder is to be sent to the supplier. In addition, a basic PIM should be introduced to underpin the company's digital strategy. 

The Challenge 

Ilapo is a pharmaceutical wholesaler for the import and export of pharmaceuticals sourced from over 30 countries. Nearly 800,000 import and export articles have to be managed. With the current ERP this is not easy to manage.   
Availability requests for articles must be submitted manually to different manufacturers. Due to the large number of requests, it was difficult to collect them centrally and keep track of the responses from the various suppliers.  

The Solution 

In order to be able to keep a central overview of the requests, a supplier portal based on Pimcore was developed. The article master data, customer data and supplier data are managed in Pimcore. 
New requests for quotation with existing articles or specially marked new articles can be sent to any number of vendors with just one request for quotation. A central dashbord provides an overview of all RFQs and their status.  
For each challenge, you can define when a reminder is automatically sent for the challenge. If necessary, individual requests can be assigned to other employees in order to ensure that they can be processed promptly, for example in the event of illness or vacation.  
The basis of this solution is the preparation of data in the PIM of Pimcore.  

The benefit for ilapo 

  • Clear, central management of supplier queries 
  • Uniform structure of requests 
  • Better evaluation of the speed of reaction of the vendors 
  • Pimcore as a very good starting point for future developments 

About illapo 

Ilapo is a pharmaceutical wholesaler for the import and export of pharmaceuticals sourced from over 30 countries. Ilapo takes care of all processes from order submission, from legal review to due diligence.
Selection and control of secure sources of supply, up to and including the selection of the appropriate mode of transport and  customs clearance for the import and export of more than 750,000 pharmaceuticals. 

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