Google announces the end of the use of cookies in 2024

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February 07, 2023

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In a recent announcement, Google stated that it will no longer use cookies from 2024. The decision has generated both positive and negative reactions.


Some industry observers welcome the decision, as cookies are often seen as intrusive and not in line with data protection. Google is able to collect information about a user's online activities through the use of cookies, such as their search queries, preferred websites and purchasing habits. This information is often used to deliver tailored advertising. Others, however, are critical of the decision. Without cookies, it will be more difficult for advertisers to offer personalized ads and better reach their target audiences. In addition, users may be frustrated if they can no longer save their favorite websites and settings.
However, Google has stated that it will introduce alternative technologies to replace the need for cookies. It is still unclear exactly what these technologies will look like and whether they will offer the same benefits as cookies.

examples could include: 
1. eTag: This is a small record that is stored in a browser to track the user's interaction with a particular web page.
2. authentication cache: this is where the user's credentials are cached to allow faster and more efficient authentication on subsequent visits to the same web page.
3. advertising IDs: Some devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have unique IDs that can be used to record user behavior and deliver personalized advertising.
4. ID tracking: Here, user login information is used to identify the user and record their behavior.
5. fingerprint tracking: this method uses technical information of the user's device to create a unique fingerprint that allows to identify the user.
6. semantic targeting: this method uses semantic analysis and artificial intelligence to offer content and advertising in a personalized way.
It is important to note that none of these alternatives is perfect and each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to ensure that any use of tracking technologies is privacy compliant.
Overall, Google's decision to stop using cookies by 2024 is an important step in the right direction for online privacy and security.
We will wait and see how the situation develops and how users and advertisers react to the adjustments.

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