Customer experience is not everything. Data quality also counts.

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September 11, 2018

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Customer Experience Management (CEM) - so the definition - means the creation and care of lasting positive customer experiences. This leads to emotional connections between marks, their customers as well as the products. Loyal customers are the CEM's goal; they appear as advertisers for the respective brand.
A good customer experience is a technical prerequisite that requires a correspondingly high level of data quality: without accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive data, competitive customer orientation is useless. Consequently, ensuring robust data quality must be an integral part of corporate strategy. This insight is also the result of the "Digital Customer Experience" Study 2017 by IDG.
touchpoints: Essential for the Customer Journey
An essential element of a customer experience strategy is the design of touchpoints in terms of content and media. In addition, the changes that have taken place in recent years must be taken into account: In addition to the direct and by now classic touchpoints website, print, webshop and social media, mobile or real-time capable information brokers, such as chat bots or cars, must now also be used. In addition, websites of (sales) partners, for example, require the latest product texts and the corresponding media.

With regard to these touchpoints, it is particularly important that the brand messages are played out consistently and identically at all times, because different statements can be irritating and can lead to the termination of the planned action, e.g., a new product launch or a new campaign.

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This article was published in DOK.Magazin 04.2018.

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