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October 08, 2020

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This series of blog articles with the topic "Social Media - a small guide for your marketing success" is all about social media.  In order to bring you closer to the topic, this article willgive you general information and a rough overview.

Social media - whether professional, private or both - almost everyone is now confronted with a wide variety of networks, platforms and channels. What at first glance seems like an impenetrable jungle, is in sum, however, simply a further development of Web 1.0: Content is now no longer made available to users for consumption only, but they interact with each other and are in dialogue.

As a result, the classic roles of the sender and the recipient become blurred. ABC thus includes the totality of all media that enable Internet users to network and thereby share and exchange information, knowledge and opinions. It does not matter whether this takes place in text form, as a picture, sound or video. There are also different "recipient types", because the corresponding content can be made available either to an individual person, a specific group of users or to the entire public.

Using social media as a business

A marginal fact that speaks for itself: almost half of the entire world population now uses social media! It is quite clear that ABC has also become an integral part of marketing. But how do companies profit from this development and how do you use the information channels of Web 2.0 in the best possible way? For this, clearly define in advance what you want to achieve. Because this type of online marketing offers you a whole toolbox full of tools for your individual corporate goals.

  • Increasing the level of awareness
  • Improvement of the company image
  • New customer acquisition
  • Strengthening customer loyalty among long-standing existing customers, for example by offering them support via a social network

Because that's exactly what ABC is: An interactive dialogue with the target group - and in real time. You increase your reach and thereby automatically generate more inquiries.

Advertising in social media

However, you do not necessarily have to produce content and share it on platforms. Instead, you can easily use social networks to advertise on them. With a well thought-out social media strategy, you can also strengthen your brand and increase traffic to your website. If you want to use social media for your business, you may be wondering which of the many platforms would make the most sense. We have compiled the largest and most important social media channels in Germany for you in our blog series!

This is an overview of the entire blog article series on the topic of "Social Media - a small guide to your marketing success".

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