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SEO checklist: Introduction to search engine optimization

A website has to do a lot of things today. It must provide information that strengthens the branding of a company, that maintain a relationship with existing customers and acquire new customers. Above all, it must rank well in search engines, because findability alone is not enough to achieve all these goals. 
Visibility is the keyword, because only those who are among the first search results on Google and Co. will attract traffic that is worthwhile.

SEO optimization is therefore the basis of all marketing on the Internet. Simply using keywords and hoping for the best is not enough anymore. Similar to customer-oriented marketing, websites must be optimized for the needs of the target group. And in the case of SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization, Google is the most important target customer that every entrepreneur has to convince himself! 

SEO optimization with the right perspective  

The term search engine optimisation is misleading, because it suggests that we could optimise the search engine by taking specific measures. But in fact it works the other way round. Website operators must design their content in such a way that search engines, above all of course Google with a market share of over 90%, recognise it as valuable. To do this, it is helpful to put yourself in the position of the search engine operators  

Understanding Google and acting on it 

Google is interested in providing users with the most positive user experience possible out of its natural self-interest. The users of the search engine should therefore receive a satisfying result in order to continue to use Google. Because many users mean for Google many advertising incomes, so simply the calculation is. Search engine optimization must therefore aim to meet the expectations of the users, in the best case even exceed them. Because this gives Google signals that show a website to be valuable and helpful - and this increases the ranking  

Practical SEO measures  

Search engine optimization is a lengthy process that requires constant revision. Nevertheless, there are some fixed components of the SEO strategy that have a lasting positive influence on the ranking of a website. These include: 
  • Link structure 
  • keywords
  • optical optimization of search results for Google 
  • user-oriented contents
  • short loading times and smooth technology 
  • Optimization for mobile devices 
  • retention period 
  • Social Signals 
The art of search engine optimization is to offer helpful content for users and to convey in targeted communication with Google that one's own website will meet the expectations of users for a particular search query. In our series of articles on SEO, we will examine the individual measures step by step in order to present a complex process in a comprehensible manner  

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