asioso Netz-Spätlese KW21/2017: Bitcoin, trends from China, crypto currency ...

The week from 22.-28.05.2017 showed itself with different topics like: Content Modeling, the future of Customer Engagement, Agile Methods and more... We have prepared a review for you.

Bitcoin cracks 2,000 dollars: That's why the crypto currency is now booming
http://t3n.de/news/bitcoin-knackt-2000-dollar-824768/?utm_source=feedburner t3n

"The CDO is a toothless tiger"

3 Trends from China that German traders should know
http://t3n.de/news/3-trends-china-deutsche-haendler-817597/?utm_source=feedburner t3n

Why you also reach B2B buyers via online marketplaces
http://t3n.de/news/b2b-einkauf-marktplatz-amazon-823663/?utm_source=feedburner t3n

Freight: Uber für Lkws ist da
http://t3n.en/news/freight-uber-fuer-lkws-824432/?utm_source=feedburner t3n

How Content Modeling Helps Set Your Content Free

The future of customer engagement is simplicity

Bosch wants to conquer China - and is allying itself with Alibaba
http://t3n.de/news/bosch-china-alibaba-tmall-823899/?utm_source=feedburner t3n

Otto Group is undergoing radical restructuring The new platform strategy at a glance

Using agile methods not only in IT

Return on investment 0.0 - how computers are ruining the financial world

How marketers predict consumer behavior based on the weather

asioso Netz-Spätlese: Excellent quality. Not too sweet, not too dry and easily digestible. Something for everyone.

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