Pimcore 6.0, new milestone for faster and transparent management of all kinds of data

Pimcore 6.0 is on the market. The current version of the Digital Experience platform is supposed to be even more powerful than the previous versions.


Millions of products are the order of the day for both big players and medium-sized companies. The more products, the more data is generated. One of the current challenges for companies and their decision makers is to cope with the enormous flood of data. Pimcore creates structure and breaks up data silos.

This is new in Pimcore 6.0 

Faster, smoother, more networked: that's what the Digital Experience platform stands for. The new version is designed to seamlessly connect MDM, PIM, DAM, WCM and digital commerce. Numerous new functions were developed and added by the community. One of the highlights: Pimcore 6.0 is now compatible with the leading PHP framework "Symfony 4". An update to the latest Symfony version is possible for companies without any problems.  

New user interface inspires admins and editors  

The user interface has been completely revised for the platform. Administrators and editors can now work even better, clearer and more structured. Be it managing websites, working with millions of product records or managing customer records:  
With the new version, editors can use all UTF-8 characters for URLs and document names in addition to digital assets and data objects. This optimizes the compatibility of the commerce solution in Asian countries and elsewhere.  

Symfony 4 is now supported  

Developers will especially appreciate the tidy source code. The support of the Symfony 4 framework allows developers to use many new features of Symfony 4 in Pimcore projects. Developers can activate only the features they need. This makes the performance of the platform scalable for different project sizes.  

This is what makes the open source platform

The framework is also often used for large online shops, because it makes these enormous amounts of data future-proof. Solutions for content management systems, digital asset management and product information management are also offered out-of-the-box. The open source software focuses on data consolidation and data quality management.

Pimcore is preferred by large companies because it can consolidate a large amount of data. This is particularly important in today's flood of data. Data from customers, business models and projects are becoming more and more complex to handle. Software helps companies to manage the data sets from different departments, business models or online shops. 
Many marketing decision-makers feel that the available data is not transparent enough or, in the worst case, even obstructs processes. Data must be quickly accessible and teams must be able to provide the necessary information. The strength of the platform: The software structures data, makes it available in an understandable way and thus creates a better time-to-market. 

Editing mass data sets very easily

With version 6 it is easier to manage mass data sets. Customers, products, stocks, employees: data is generated everywhere. Pimcore provides structural assistance to ensure that this information does not just gather dust in the system and possibly paralyze operations. With the help of an object grid, a good overview is created for enormous data sets. The open source software has extended the column configuration, making it even more flexible. The transformation of data becomes even simpler with this feature. Data can be stored, released and viewed in user-defined areas. 
All company information is stored centrally and can therefore be used in an ideal way. 

"With the new 6.0 version Pimcore has managed to take the next big step towards single source publishing. There are few systems that consolidate different data sets among themselves in such a way and eliminate data silos in companies. In particular, we are very pleased with the new editor interface, which makes the user experience for editors much simpler and more intuitive"

- Goran Stefanovic, COO and Partner at asioso  


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