Establishing CaaS in your own company - How to proceed

How to prepare your company for Content as a Service. CaaS is a service for your users. Is it not? CaaS also provides services for your business as a content provider.

Whether you're switching from a traditional content management system (CMS) to CaaS or are new to it, CaaS can make your life in the omnichannel much easier, while providing flexible value to your users through content presentation.

Determine the benefits in your business

Your business case is individual. The benefits of delivering your content will be as varied for companies as the cost of a suitable and tailored CaaS solution, including maintenance and further development. That's why it's important that you first determine what you want to achieve. Your starting point should not be the technical solution, but the problem to be solved, and think about your future digital channels and projects. What is your strategic direction in your company?

If you conclude that CaaS

adds value to your content, then the world of flexible publishing with CaaS is open to you. If your customers are on multiple channels, the signs are good that CaaS will help you. Choose

The right system

Different CaaS variants meet different needs. Make sure you understand what your needs are and what user expectations you want to meet and how. If you're a small business with a simple corporate website, you'll probably choose the simple and affordable classic, decoupled CMS. As a news or media company whose core processes are the creation, storage and delivery of content, you probably choose a headless CMS or even the Decoupled CMS, which sets no limits to your presentation on devices and channels.

Model your content

You control which parts of your content are presented where and for whom. The right output depends on a well thought-out structure of your content. Behind the actual content is robust semantics that follow your requirements when published. It can only do this if you invest work in the right structure. In the end, the well thought-out organization of your content controls the right output without further intervention. This is worth time and money. So keep in mind that the introduction of CaaS requires not only technical implementation, but also time for content structuring.

asioso is also happy to support you in analysing and defining your business cases and selecting and introducing the right solution.

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