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In order to win customers as a company, the customers must be addressed by the company with appropriate content. To reach customers more effectively, this content must find the customer in many ways. One solution to this problem could be Content as a Service, a technology designed to facilitate the coordination and distribution of content. But how does this system work? 


When people talk about a company wanting to reach a customer, they always talk about touchpoints. These are places where the customer comes into contact with the companies' content. This can be on a website on the PC, in an app on the smartphone or in a pop-up message on a Smartwatch. In order for these touchpoints to function correctly and be adapted to the respective platform, they previously had to be managed with classic content management systems (CMS)

These CMSs are programs in which the content for the touchpoints was previously adapted. For this purpose, the content in these systems is modified in programming languages such as HTML or JavaScript. With each new touchpoint that is added, the content and programs thus became more and more complex and the administration of the content became more and more difficult and costly. 

With CaaS, these processes are standardized. Changes only have to be written once and can then be applied to all elements. The back end of the programming is thus taken off the company's hands. 

Other systems such as the Product Information Management System allow data to be included in CaaS. The exchange takes place via standardized interfaces. The rapid adaptability of CaaS is particularly advantageous in the area of marketing, where rapid changes in strategy are required. The standardization of CaaS makes it possible to react quickly. 

All relevant content such as documents, images or videos are stored by a CaaS and can thus be made available to all persons who are to receive this content. Thanks to the standardization of CaaS and the data stored there, it is also very easy for companies to open up new content channels. For example, if a new social network becomes important for the company's marketing, CaaS can be used to quickly build a site there. 

Finally, CaaS makes it easier for both customers and employees in the various departments of the company to respond to the content. Departments can quickly write new applications, customers can perceive the content on their desired channel and perfectly adapted to it. 

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This technical article was published by Nico Rehmann in Computerwoche. You can read the whole article here.

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