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October 06, 2020

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The digital change is in full swing and as a result we are confronted again and again with the most diverse terms. In view of the Innovations of recent years ithis is not surprising and among other things Cloud provider  However, most people don't even know what cloud providers are all about  In this blog series with the topic "Cloud providers and their advantages - a technology with future potential" we are engaged in 7 articles with the topic of cloud providers.

First of all, let's look at the definition of a cloud. Cloud is a short form for cloud computing and is described in the dictionary as follows: 
"Use of IT infrastructure and services that are not maintained locally on local computers but are rented as a service and accessed via a network (e.g. the Internet)".
In a sense, a cloud is an interplay of multiple servers that provide storage and processing power. These servers are independent of each other so that the failure of a single server has no effect on the overall system. Cloud providers are services that provide digital infrastructure to users. Companies in particular should not ignore their potential if they want to survive in the market in times of digitalization.

This is why companies should use cloud providers

Using a cloud provider brings many benefits to businesses. A decisive factor is the reduced IT administration effort, as both the operation and maintenance of IT resources are eliminated. After all, these are tasks that are performed by the respective provider. Furthermore, it is possible to work across multiple locations, which can contribute immensely to the efficiency of the company. Especially since new applications can be implemented at low cost for all users. This contributes to a faster market launch of new services and products. In general, the potential of cloud providers is enormous, which is why no company should forego using them. However, this is a topic that we will only discuss in more detail in the next part of our blog series.

Choosing a Cloud Provider

Those who decide to use cloud computing should know the different providers and their advantages. Currently, AWS, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform and the Alibaba Cloud are just some of the interesting providers. They all score above average in the "Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Services". This basically means that they are convincing both in terms of the services they currently offer and their future potential. AWS was one of the first cloud providers and is considered the market leader in Western countries. Microsoft Azure is constantly evolving and scores points for its good compatibility with other Microsoft products. The Google Cloud Platform convinces with its open source technologies and the Alibaba Cloud is a big player in eastern countries like China. In the course of this blog series we will take a closer look at the offerings of the mentioned cloud providers. But there are other interesting services for cloud computing. Whether it's the IBM cloud with its machine learning services or the Oracle Cloud Platform with its comprehensive PaaS portfolio - the market is dynamic and is advancing at a rapid pace. Companies should therefore always keep an eye on the latest developments.

Here are all the articles from our blog series "Cloud providers and their advantages - a technology with future potential".

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