Application areas of quantum computing

Quantum computers have no problems with the evaluation of large data sets and are particularly fast and efficient here. They are therefore likely to be used in a wide range of different disciplines.

Among the most important are: 

Biology: Simulation of cells or complex ecosystems 



Chemistry: simulations of reactions and the behaviour of single molecules 



Physics: Further exploration of quantum mechanics as well as physical laws with quantum mechanical simulations 



Computer Science: Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be realized much more efficiently and on a much larger scale by quantum computing 


Quantum computers have further significant potential across industries in terms of optimization. Due to their special way of computing, qubits can find the ideal solution to a problem much faster than conventional computers. This property is what makes quantum computers relevant for almost all industries.

Because optimization is omnipresent:

  • Logistics and manufacturing processes
  • Urban and traffic planning
  • Human resources and management
  • Databases and analysis
  • Finance and economics
  • Ecology and species protection


In this area, digital marketing would also benefit from the possibilities of quantum computing. Today, we can already collect an incredible amount of data via the Internet and the sales channels there. With the help of quantum algorithms, this can be evaluated much better and in greater detail. As a result, more accurate customer profiles can predict buying behavior even better and enable more efficient planning. At the same time, we can target potential buyers more effectively and analyze and evaluate the success of various measures more precisely.

See the entire blog series "How Quantum Computers Will Revolutionize Digital Marketing" here.

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