asioso creates the website for the Kasino-Verein Krupp e.V. and thus supports an over 130 year old association in its desire for cohesion.


Kasinoverein Krupp e. V.


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October 27, 2021

asioso creates the UX concept & Design for the Kasino-Verein Krupp e.V. and takes care of the technical implementation of the website.


The Kasino-Verein Krupp e.V. unfortunately did not have its own website until now and could not communicate and present itself online. In order to share current topics of the association in the future, a small, intuitive website was needed that is easy to maintain.  
Future events and review of fond memories of events should be pointed out and inform. News about the club should also be communicated online.  


asioso designed a suitable website and implemented it in such a way that the new, mobile website can be accessed by visitors in different browsers as well as on smartphones. 
In addition to the UX concept and design, asioso carried out the technical implementation of the website. It conveys facts and information and now offers the association the possibility to maintain and update content itself. 
Additions, news and events are now published. Necessary information about club life can be accessed and highlighted. 
A forward-looking login option makes it easier for members to find information. Association members can log in and get more dates, events and schedules. 


  • Members can receive information and dates through the website 
  • Facts, photos, reminders, the latest news and events can be provided on the website 
  • Mobile optimized website accessible in major browsers 
  • Member exchange area 
  • Shorter communication channels 

About the Kasino-Verein Krupp

The Kasino-Verein Krupp e. V. is an association for active and retired thyssenkrupp executives. Networking and exchanging ideas - in addition to everyday professional life - are the main pillars of the association and are lived by its members. 
Strengthening identification and promoting cohesion within the company - these are still the current goals of the Casino Association, which was founded over 130 years ago. The establishment of the association was a long-cherished wish of the founder and then company owner  Friedrich Alfred Krupp.  

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