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April 22, 2024

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Pimcore has introduced new possibilities on its platform. As a Pimcore partner, we will be happy to explain how you too can benefit from the new version.

Thanks to the new automation functions, supported by AI, and our expertise, you can optimise your data management and customer interaction.

An overview of the new Pimcore Platform version 2024.1: 

Pimcore Copilot: this AI-powered feature automates the maintenance of product information, updating data faster and reducing errors. For example, a company can automatically update its product database as soon as changes in the supplier inventory are recognised.

Improved user interface: The intuitive design makes it easier for new users to get started and increases productivity through faster access and easier navigation.

Security enhancements: With strengthened logs and encrypted data transmission, version 2024.1 provides greater protection of sensitive business information.

Customisable workflows: Companies can integrate their specific processes into Pimcore, allowing for greater customisation to meet individual business needs.

As this update not only provides more efficient workflows, but also deeper insights into customer behaviour and market conditions, Goran Stefanovic (Managing Director at asioso) is convinced

 "The new version of Pimcore is a significant step forward in digital transformation. It enables our customers to work efficiently with the help of various automation options. Our customers can also seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into our work processes for the first time. We look forward to showing you what is possible with the new version of Pimcore."


Find out how Pimcore 2024.1 can enrich your organisation. Visit our website at asioso.com or contact us directly to find out how this new version can fulfil your specific business needs.

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