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November 14, 2023

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Not everyone likes the integrated FirstSpirit development environment and prefers to use their own environment. 
That's why asioso has created FirstSpirit snippets for Visual Studio Code (VSC), Microsoft's popular free code editor. 
What sets apart the asioso FirstSpirit snippet is its ability to liberate FirstSpirit developers from their constraints. This extension allows developers to seamlessly work outside of FirstSpirit while leveraging its power.The asioso FirstSpirit snippet is open source and freely accessible to developers worldwide for use and contribution to its development. 
The benefits of this innovative tool are diverse:

• Increased productivity

• Unlimited customization options

• Code formatting and faster searching (start/end of tags)

• Scripts and feature settings in one place

• Unlimited use of VSC environment tools/extensions and other languages

• Adherence to coding standards

Developers can tailor the extension to their individual needs, effortlessly adhere to coding standards, and explore an extensive ecosystem of Visual Studio Code tools and extensions in various languages. The modern user interface and compatibility of the asioso FirstSpirit snippet with Windows, Mac, and Linux make it appealing to developers worldwide.
In summary, the asioso FirstSpirit snippet serves as a solution to the frustrations of many developers regarding the limitations of the FirstSpirit code formatting system. Asioso is excited about such developments by its employees and eagerly anticipates further innovations and groundbreaking solutions in the future.
We welcome further contributions from developers for its ongoing development.

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