Sludge Content: When several videos are running in parallel on one screen

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July 09, 2024

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Countless pieces of content are created and distributed every day, be it in the form of text, images or videos. A particularly interesting and complex development is the phenomenon of multi-video presentation, also known as "sludge content" - when several videos run in parallel on one screen. This type of content presentation poses a challenge for both consumers and digital agencies. But what exactly is a multivideo presentation and how can it be handled? 

What is a multivideo presentation? 

The term "multi-video display" describes a type of content presentation in which several videos are displayed simultaneously on one screen. This form of presentation can occur on websites, in social media, and digital advertisements.  


Origins of the multi-video display 

The origins of multi video can be traced back to the growing popularity of video content and the increasing multitasking capabilities of technology users. As videos are a particularly engaging and emotional form of communication, it is not surprising that more and more brands and companies are turning to video marketing. Multi-video displays emerged as an attempt to maximize user attention spans by presenting multiple videos simultaneously.   

For example, streaming platforms and social networks are increasingly using multi-video displays to show users multiple pieces of content at once. This allows viewers to see different perspectives or complementary information at the same time, increasing engagement and interaction. A concrete example is split-screen technology, which is used in sports broadcasts to show multiple camera angles simultaneously. 


Advantages and disadvantages of multi-video display  

  • - Maximized reach: By presenting several videos simultaneously, different target groups can be addressed simultaneously. 
  • - Variety and diversity: Users receive a wide range of information in a short space of time, which ensures variety and dynamism. 
  • - Effective use of screen space: Especially on large screens or in presentations, this content can represent an effective use of the available space. 

  • - User overload: The simultaneous presentation of several videos can lead to sensory overload and overwhelm users. 
  • - Reduced absorption capacity: The parallel presentation makes users less likely to fully absorb and process the content. 
  • - Technical challenges: Displaying several videos at the same time requires a high bandwidth and can lead to technical difficulties.



Possible uses of sludge content 

Marketing and advertising 

In marketing and advertising, sludge content can be used to present different products or services at the same time. Especially in social media, where the attention span of users is low, this can be an effective method of reaching potential customers.  


Events and presentations 

At events and presentations, sludge content can be used to provide a dynamic and varied presentation. For example, several product videos can be shown simultaneously at trade fairs or conferences to demonstrate the diversity of the product range. 


Education and training 

Sludge content can also be beneficial in the education and training sector. By presenting several educational videos at the same time, different aspects of a topic can be explained in parallel, leading to a deeper understanding. 


Best practices for the creation of sludge content 

1. define a clear goal 

Before creating sludge content, a clear goal should be defined. What message should be conveyed and which target group should be addressed? A clear goal helps to target the content and achieve the desired results. 


2. quality before quantity 

Although it may be tempting to present as many videos as possible at the same time, quality should always be the priority. High-quality videos with clear messages are more effective than a lot of low-quality content. 


3. consider user-friendliness 

The focus should always be on user-friendliness. Sludge content should be designed in such a way that users are not overwhelmed. A clear and appealing design is crucial here. 


4 Consider technical requirements 

The technical requirements for displaying several videos simultaneously should not be underestimated. Sufficient bandwidth and powerful devices are essential to ensure smooth playback. 



Sludge content is a fascinating and challenging phenomenon in digital marketing. The simultaneous presentation of several videos makes it possible to address different target groups and make optimum use of screen space. Although this method involves risks such as overloading users and technical difficulties, it also offers great opportunities to increase user loyalty and reach. With a well-thought-out strategy, you can take full advantage of sludge content and take your marketing to the next level. 

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