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May 17, 2017

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Many companies are hoping for enormous sales from voice control. Large corporations such as Apple and Amazon are already profiting considerably from it today. Voice robots give the impression that the computer can think for itself. This is not entirely untrue. In any case, the possibility of being able to talk to computers makes the world a simpler place.


IT technology and the Internet have now been developed in such a way that mass-market applications are available that were previously only known from voice computers. Today's voice robots already answer questions in the way one would expect from a real conversation partner. In 2013, the error rate was still 23%. Technology companies hope to do big business with chat bots. The digital assistant can talk to people and also perform smaller tasks. Chat bots are serious competitors for smartphones and their apps.


Speech robots like Apple's Siri service access an immense pool of data from the Internet, so that very precise answers are possible. Voice-activated SMS or e-mails can also be sent. The Sync system from car manufacturer Ford works in a similar way.


Dag Kittlaus, who co-developed Apple's language development, launched his new product Viv at the end of 2016, which is said to be significantly better than Siri. Viv is based on the novel technology "Dynamic Program Generation". The software programs itself and can therefore also scale. While Siri's answers have to be programmed line by line, Viv can develop independent programs in milliseconds. Viv learns with every request, so it is a form of artificial intelligence. The digital assistant could be supported by all available systems.


Voice robot Alexa from Amazon

Since October 2016, online retailer Amazon has been offering its Alexa assistant to a  selected group of customers. Amazon's Alexa voice computer uses the Echo loudspeaker to transport knowledge obtained from its own servers to the users. Amazon's voice robot can also be built into devices from other major manufacturers. They can use Alexa to order food or taxis, reserve a table in a restaurant and check the weather. Alexa can also control apps in smartphones and even customer service is possible.


The market promises enormous growth opportunities. According to forecasts by the electronics industry association CTA, sales of intelligent loudspeakers are expected to rise to more than $2 billion by 2020. Amazon wants to sell 10 million of its talking robots as early as 2017.


Our future is the voice

The voice control also changes our search behaviour on the net, of course. It's different to type in a search query in keywords or conveniently ask a precise question. Because users are often busy with voice searches, they also expect a short, precise answer. Speech recognition will change marketing and determine the success of a company. Trend researcher Nils Müller is certain that the future of marketing is called voice commerce.


The language is the most natural of all interfaces. We learn it from an early age. We do not have to deal with the many different operating concepts. That is why asioso is sure that voice control will find its way into many areas.

We would be happy to advise you on how voice control can also be used for your business model.


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